ClientSherpa is now ClientRock

Two years ago, I broke ground on an automated intake solution for small law firms. As I combed through domain names and tossed around ideas, I came across ClientSherpa. It felt perfect.

"Sherpa" evoked the idea of a dedicated, knowledgeable and gritty companion helping to reach an important goal. A noble profession.

And that's what I always envisioned the software to be. A companion that takes on the heavy lifting of onboarding new clients.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago.

A client's employee reached out to let me know that the name "Sherpa" was offensive.

In my Western bubble, I had never even considered that possibility. But 10 seconds of googling showed me that she was absolutely right.

Sherpa isn't a profession; it's an indigenous ethnic group from Nepal. A group with a rich heritage doing the dangerous work that props up the region's economy.

It was never my intention to misappropriate Sherpa culture. I should've done my homework at the beginning, and for that I sincerely apologize.

I can't change the past, but I can change the name going forward. And so today I'd like to announce that ClientSherpa will now be known as ClientRock.

For our current customers and clients, this won't require any action on your part. All references to will still work, they'll just redirect to their equivalent on

I want to thank Sabrina for speaking out and bringing this to my attention. And I hope this change will make it easier to move forward in a more inclusive light.

– Bryan Marble

P.S. If you have any questions about the decision to change the name or what it means for you going forward as a ClientRock customer, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or to me specifically at