ClientRock Affiliate Program

Help your clients; help your bottom-line

Thanks for your interest in the ClientRock affiliate program. This program has been designed to help you bring simple automation to your audience so that they can build less stressful, more successful, and more scalable firms.

We're dedicated to the success of our clients and by extension our affiliates, so if you need help from us, or if you can think of ways to make your life as a partner and affiliate better, please don't hesitate to email us at

Commission Structure

As a ClientRock affiliate, you'll earn 20% commission each month from everyone you refer. For example, if you refer a firm with 3 attorneys that intakes ~30 clients/month (a $165/month account), you would earn $33 each month that they're a customer. And as their firm grows, so does your commission.

How to get started

Joining the program is simple. Here's how:

  1. Join the ClientRock affiliate program through our partner, Salescamp using the button below.
  2. Get your customized affiliate code and use it in any link to ClientRock
  3. If someone uses that link and then signs up, you'll receive credit for their referral and you'll earn commissions as soon as their account completes their trial.

Promotion Ideas

  • Write a ClientRock vs. _________ (whatever tool you are most familiar with or personally switched from) post and publish that on your blog and send it out to your email list.
  • Add details about ClientRock, along with your affiliate link, to any pages or posts you have on tips for starting a firm, modernize a firm, get started with automation, etc.
  • Partner with us for a webinar that you promote to your list and we will teach one hour of free content on automating your law firm.
  • Add ClientRock to your Resources page on your blog as your recommended CRM or intake automation solution.

Details and terms

The following rules are simple and are in place to prevent abuse.

  • Affiliate links are based on first click attribution, meaning the commission will go to the affiliate whose affiliate link they clicked first, not last
  • Self-referrals are not allowed. The point is to get you to refer other people. This is not a way to get a discount on your own account.
  • Abuse, gaming, or shady behavior will get your account banned.
  • In some cases, we can give credit to an affiliate even if the customer didn’t sign up through their link by mistake. If you have a case like that, contact us first so we can help.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms at anytime.