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Is my client data secure?

Your client's data is encrypted at rest and in transit using bank-level encryption. It's a fancy way of saying that we store your data in such a way that even if an attacker gained access to our servers, they wouldn't see anything but gibberish.

This pricing model seems...different. Why?

There's a ton of variation in the size of a firm and how many intakes they'll process in a month. To avoid building ridiculously complex pricing tiers, we decided to make the price match your work flow.

Taking a sabbatical? (First off, lucky you! 🍹🌴) You don't need to pay for intakes you don't start, just the monthly charge to maintain your data. Have an epic month? Congrats! You don't have to worry about being bumped up into some more expensive plan forever. Only pay for what you use.

Am I going to be locked in?

Absolutely not. You're charged month to month and you can cancel any time. You don't even need to email or contact someone to do it. It's right on your account settings page.

What about my staff? Will I have to pay for their accounts as well?

We know how your assistants and staff members keep your office humming. Staff accounts are always free.

Do you offer discounts for pro bono work?

We like to give back and want to reward folks that do too. A quick email to our support team and we'd relish giving you a refund for pro bono intakes.

What about X?

If there's anything you're wondering about, please email us at We're super excited to get your feedback and we should respond in just a few hours at the most.

Ready to put your intake process on autopilot?

"If you've gone for years with an intake process that seems to change every few weeks. If you've spent countless hours wondering if you remembered to get back to a potential client. If you've ever lost a client because things got too hectic and they fell through the cracks. You owe it to yourself to sign up and get a fully functional, standardized intake process that just works."

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