Clio Grow vs ClientRock

"Should I try Clio Grow or ClientRock?"

Looking for a Clio Grow alternative, or just exploring intake software for the first time?

This guide will highlight the two different approaches to intake so you can make the right choice for your firm.

Two tools.
Two totally different approaches.

ClientRock automates the process you already have

When you started your law firm, you didn't dream of spending 3 hours a day in your CRM chasing down unresponsive prospects, rescheduling no-show consultations or pestering that client to just sign the #@$* fee agreement already!

That's not a productive use of your time.

ClientRock was built with the idea that every time you're interrupted to step into a process, you're not spending time doing actual lawyering.

ClientRock focuses on all of the repeatable tasks in getting a new client onboarded and only calls you in to handle the important stuff, i.e. wowing the client with an awesome consultation.

Clio Grow is a sales pipeline tool, modified for lawyers

Clio Grow was conceived as Lexicata, a Legal CRM (Contact Relationship Manager). Its goal is to take sales processes and apply them to legal intake.

Clio Grow wants you to be a sales rep in addition to being a lawyer. That means manually maintaining a sales pipeline, updating contacts, manual outreach, lots of reminders for you to stop what you're doing and do sales stuff instead of law stuff.

Heck, even sales reps hate CRMs.

If you're super focused on building a supercharged sales engine for your firm, and you're whole-hog into the Clio ecosystem, then Clio Grow might be your pick. But if not, it might be overkill.

So what does automated intake look like?

ClientRock  Flow Diagram

This could be your process in less than 5 minutes

  • Book consultations directly to your calendar based on your own availability.
  • Charge for consultations through LawPay
  • Send friendly automated reminders to encourage your clients to move through the process
  • Hold meaningful consultations
  • Send fee agreements if they're a good fit; send non-engagement notices if they're not
  • Export your contacts and create matters in your case management system.

You'll prefer ClientRock if...

You're trying to streamline a process, not manage a CRM.

If you're just sick of chasing down clients and getting the information you need feels like you're pulling teeth, ClientRock is happy to take that off your plate. In our process, all you have to do is show up to the consultation and decide if you want to take the client. Other CRMs require you to manually track where folks are in the process. ClientRock keeps track of that for you.

You don't like being tied down to one solution forever.

Not a Clio customer? Or maybe you are but you don't want all of your eggs in one basket forever. We've got you covered. We work with Clio and PracticePanther and we're adding more partners all the time. Don't see your case management system? Let us know and we can get on that.

You want to charge for consultations.

ClientRock is the only intake solution that allows you to charge for consultations up front as part of the booking process. Don't worry about tire-kickers or chasing down clients for fees.

You want to pay for only what you use.

ClientRock has simple transparent pricing that scales with you. You shouldn't have to schedule sales demos just to see how much your software will cost. The pricing is straightforward, public, and adjusts to your firm's seasonality.

You hate high pressure sales tactics.

If you're an introvert that hates phone calls or if you just like to explore things on your own, ClientRock offers a full-feature, 14 day free trial.

Clio Grow requires a hard sell demo to get started. And on top of that they charge a $399 setup fee, just for the privilege of you needing to learn a new piece of software. What is that?

Of course we're happy to walk you through the software too, but the point is you don't have to get a sales pitch just to see it in action. And we never charge to set up your account.

Want to take just 5 minutes and fix your intake woes?

Try ClientRock today and in just a few minutes you'll have an entirely new intake process up and running. It's online. It's easy. Your clients and staff will love it.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Transparent pricing that grows with your firm

At ClientRock we believe the tools you use should be fair, honest and up front with their pricing. We don't believe in locking you in and forcing you to pay just to get started.

ClientRock LogoClio Grow
Free trial?YesNo
Credit card required?NopeYes
Requires a sales demo to sign upNo!Yep
Setup fee$0$399
Per Attorney$55$59
Per Staff Member$0$59
Per Intake$0$0
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Automate how your firm does business

There is no easier way to automate your intake process, guaranteed. We handle the details so you can get back to being an incredible lawyer.

ClientRock LogoClio Grow
Charge for consultationYesNo
Collect retainer feeComing SoonNo
Online consultation bookingYesNo
Custom intake formsYesYes
Fee agreementsYes?
E-signatureYesYes (requires separate HelloSign account)
Intake form templatesYesYes
Non-engagement noticesYesNo
File uploadsYesYes
Matter notesYesYes
Automatic remindersYesYes, but need to be configured
Integrates with ZapierComing SoonNo
Calendar syncYesNo
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Seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use and love.

You shouldn't need to switch tools to make your process work. We connect to the tools you already use and make the entire experience seamless for you, your staff, and most importantly, your clients.

ClientRock LogoClio Grow
Other case management providersComing SoonNEVER
G SuiteYesYes
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Bryan Marble
A note from the founder

"I built ClientRock after hearing from so many folks that their intake was a mess but didn't want to manage a complicated CRM. I built it from the ground up to be easy to use, hands free to maintain and delightful for your clients and staff alike.

If you feel like your intake software has been too clumsy, too cumbersome and not all it's cracked up to be, I implore you to give ClientRock a try.

I'll personally guarantee that you'll love it and that it will transform your intake for the better. If not, I'll give you a full 100% refund, no questions asked."

Bryan Marble
Owner, ClientRock