PracticePanther Intake Automation with ClientRock

Automating Client Intake with ClientRock and PracticePanther

You have a million things to do, and precious few of them involve actually practicing law. Such is life when you're running a successful law practice.

You've invested in PracticePanther to help you manage your matters, but what if it could be even more powerful?

It's time to take intake with PracticePanther to the next level.

Imagine for a minute, if you could onboard an excited new client, and all you'd have to do is show up for a consultation with a prepared and invested prospect.

  • No scheduling back and forth.
  • No emails and phone calls to track down basic information.
  • No need to remind clients about upcoming consultations
  • No no shows
  • No henpecking basic information into PracticePanther

You take a phone call, have your consultation and export all of that data directly in to PracticePanther.

Sounds pretty good right?

Down with double entry!

You've just closed a new client, YAY! You're ready to get to work. But what's this? We need to get the information into PracticePanther first? It's a drag. Instead of jumping right in to help your client, you (or your unlucky staff) are stuck typing basic information into PracticePantheer.

Your carpal tunnel-less fingers will thank you.

Add online booking to your PracticePanther intakes

Get more out of your PracticePanther intake forms. Give every matter type it's own booking page where clients can book consultations based on YOUR availability.

With our LawPay integration, you can even charge for your consultations right from your booking page. No more chasing folks down for consultation fees.

Now clients can book consultations online.

Create clients and contacts

Let's do away with going back and forth between browser tabs copying and pasting names, addresses phone numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers, bank account details, etc., etc., etc. When you close an intake, all of the personal information your client has entered about themselves and any other parties to the matter get created in PracticePanther.

ClientRock sends client and contact data directly to PracticePanther contacts.

Sync custom fields

Custom fields are the key to leveling up your firm's automation. By creating custom fields and linking them to your ClientRock forms, seemless document generation is just a few clicks away. You can link almost any client response to a PracticePanther custom field that can be automagically sucked into your document templates. It really is like magic.

ClientRock syncs custom fields for use in PracticePanther document generation.

Ready to put your intake process on autopilot?

"If you've gone for years with an intake process that seems to change every few weeks. If you've spent countless hours wondering if you remembered to get back to a potential client. If you've ever lost a client because things got too hectic and they fell through the cracks. You owe it to yourself to sign up and get a fully functional, standardized intake process that just works."

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