Employment Discrimination Intake Form

Streamline your firm with customized, fillable PDF intake forms...

...and oh yeah, they're completely free.

Standardizing your intakes with a common form is the first step toward taking control of your intake process.

We've consulted with attorneys just like you to build out comprehensive, fillable PDF intake forms that you can drop right into your process. No more emailing back and forth, answering questions about how to fill it out, scanning the documents, etc.

Just email the PDF to your client, they can fill it out right on their PC or mobile device and email it back to you, simple as pie.

This form includes the following sections:

  • Client Information
  • Employer
  • Complaint
  • Others Involved
  • Review & Submit

Download your custom intake form

We'll use this information to customize the intake form for you and your firm. We'll put the firm name and contact info in the header and footer, and customize the instructions accordingly.