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ClientRock is the automated client portal for client services businesses

The platform for client services pros that want more

Your business runs differently to serve your clients the ways they demand in 2020. Clients expect their vendors to be as easy to work with as their iPhone, as predictable as their Netflix subscription. ClientRock helps you deliver an unparalleled experience that will have them referring your services for years to come.

What does that look like?

Streamline your intake

Your intake process is your first chance to make a great impression. Don't fumble the ball by making it difficult to get started. Let ClientRock set up appointments, collect client information, gather payment details and get fee agreements signed in one easy (and customizable) flow.

  • Online consultation booking

    ClientRock Scheduler allows your potential clients to book consultations on your terms.

  • Turn consultations into engagements in one click

    It's great to book a consultation, but what happens after? With ClientRock you can turn your consultations into engagements with one click.

  • Fee agreements signed, no followup required

    You don't need to waste brain-cycles following up with clients to sign your fee agreement. Let ClientRock remind them for you.

Automate booking, data collection, e-signature and more.

Automate payments and stop chasing clients for overdue invoices.

Do you cringe every time you tell a client to copy their invoice number, go to this URL, paste that invoice number and then enter whatever dollar amount they feel like? Same here. Let ClientRock collect payment information up front and automatically charge your clients on whatever schedule you need. No more chasing clients to pay or jump through hoops to match your billing process. Now it's as easy as signing up for Netflix.

  • Stop repetitive inquiries

    Stop fielding call after call, email after email asking where a client stands with an invoice, when their next bill is due, etc. Your clients now have all of that information at their fingertips, no contact required.

  • Subscription metrics

    If you're running a subscription service, your monthly recurring revenue is your lifeblood. Your tools should reflect that with accurate up to the minute views of the metrics that matter to you.

Automate your billing.

Get fee agreements signed without the headache.

You don't need to assemble a document, copy it to your e-sign provider, and then chase down multiple clients to get things signed. Let ClientRock's automations build your fee agreement and get it signed with no headaches.

  • Auto-generate your fee agreement

    Don't spend time copy/pasting into Word or building PDFs to upload into an e-signature provider. ClientRock auto-generates your fee agreement so you can spend more time lawyering.

  • Smart Merge Fields

    Reference clients, addresses, company names and more through simple merge fields in your agreement.

  • Multiple signatures

    Handle multiple signers with ease. No one is charged and the engagement doesn't start until everyone's had a chance to sign. And we'll remind them for you if they don't get to it right away.

ClientRock allows clients to e-sign agreements from within their portal.

Get client messaging out of insecure email and personal phones.

You love your clients but the idea of giving clients carte blanche to get into your inbox and cell phone can be a little much. Set some guardrails and improve your security at the same time by giving your clients a single place to communicate about their project and get status updates.

  • Communicate the way your clients want

    Everyone loves the ease of texting, but it's hardly secure. Let your clients go back and forth in ClientRock so that all of your communications are in one place.

  • Inline file upload

    Upload files right in your conversation. Easy as pie.

ClientRock has secure messaging.

Seamlessly and securely share files.

Stop sharing sensitive information over email, or requiring clients to sign up for third party cloud sharing tools. Share your files easily and securely from one place with no extra logins.

  • Secure from the ground up.

    Files are encrypted with bank-grade encryption at multiple layers ensuring that your files stay between you and your client.

  • No third parties needed.

    Drop your files in your portal and instantly share with your clients. No third party accounts with Dropbox or Box.com needed.

Upload documents from within the context of your messages.

Automate your workflow.

Everyone knows the key to running a profitable services business is to increase your efficiency. We're dedicated to giving you the tools to automate the collection of data and the delivery of...deliverables so you can build the most efficient, profitable, and delightful services possible.

  • Every interaction, automated

    We've broken down all of the core client interactions into automateable modules. Need gather information? Gather feedback on a document? Deliver a final copy? Gather signatures? All of that can be automated for you with just a few clicks.

  • Reminder emails

    You and your staff have better things to do than to chase down information from clients, or remind them to do something important. ClientRock can manage all of that for you with customizeable reminder templates.

Automate delivery of your service with customizable workflows.

Build and test innovative service offerings in seconds.

Until now, the process of building a subscription service offering was a multi-week effort. Now it takes seconds. Want to publish a signup page with three different service levels? Seconds. Want to change and test pricing on a whim? Seconds. Want to change what capabilities the client has at each level? Again, seconds.

We take the risk out of trying subscription services. Get started today and tweak your offerings until it works. We've got your back.

  • Hosted signup pages

    Give your clients an instantaneous way to initiate an engagement. You can build signup pages in seconds. The sky's the limit.

  • Design your offering

    Every business has a unique take on subscription services. ClientRock let's you define things like "number of calls per month" or "document reviews per month" right inside the portal. You don't have to keep track, and your clients always know where they stand and how to get the help they need.

  • Iterate, iterate, iterate!

    If you're trying subscription services for the first time, it's unlikely it'll be perfect the first time. ClientRock gives you the freedom to tweak your offerings to ensure they're as valuable, and as profitable, as possible.

ClientRock allows clients to e-sign agreements from within their portal.

“Client Rock has cut my admin time by over 95%!
It replaced our overhead expenses for Acuity and DocuSign and has amazing automation that saves me valuable time doing tedious, repetitive tasks. Great product! Great support!”

Laura O'Bryan, Founder of MyVirtual.Lawyer
Laura O'Bryan
Partner, MyVirtual.Lawyer

ClientRock works with the tools you already use...

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Frequently asked questions

Do you support retainer billing?

No, and we don't really plan to. We've staked our flag on the idea that the billable hour is bad for businesses and bad for clients. There are plenty of solutions that handle it, but we want to focus on the firms that are looking to push the client services forward toward more sustainable, profitable and client-centered practices.

So can I get rid of Calendly, Acuity, Docusign, Dropbox, etc?

Insofar as you are using those solutions for client-facing activities, yes. We believe a client should only have to go to one place to interact with their lawyer and that tool fatigue leads to poor client experiences and lower referral rates.

Does the ClientRock Portal include ClientRock Scheduler, or is it a separate price?

Portal gets you everything, including the scheduler. You'll be able to replace Calendly, Acuity, etc.

I have other questions, how can I get them answered?

You can always reach us at help@clientrock.com.

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